Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some Beautiful Things

This is in (mostly) list format. I should be in bed, got a long day tomorrow as I'll be traveling to Washington, D.C. with about 30 other students from Tyson House for the annual spring break pilgrimage. I'm excited! Hopefully I'll post about it when I get home.

Some things from this past week:

- I was trying to read the Communist Manifesto for history class, but there were way too many distractions pulling me away from an already boring/tedious homework assignment. First, the building has yet to switch from heat to air conditioning (and/or my roommate and I just haven't bothered to mess with the thermostat). Second, I sat on my bed with the window open, admiring the sunset instead of words on a page when all of a sudden every bird in the courtyard (and dare I say, the entire neighborhood!) started a-chirping away! I literally stopped what I was doing and just sat in complete stillness with my mouth slightly agape. It was a beautiful melody, a beautiful reminder of God's awesomeness.

- I went to a rather nice, fancy restaurant with some dear friends who also happen to be non-biological family. It was awesome, but I won't lie when I say that I felt a bit out of place, especially when I dropped food on my lap not once, but twice. The point of that was really, I think, that in my slight uncomfortableness, I'm discovering more and more of who I am and what makes me feel most at peace. Which is a beautiful thing.

- Also, it started to storm, quite heavily, right before we left. I wore the wrong shoes to walk in puddles, so I did what I do best...walked to the car in a thunderstorm, barefoot, holding my shoes in my hand. Beautiful.

- The same night, I walked from my car to the apartment barefoot, shoes in hand. Best feeling in the world stepping over the uneven brick courtyard and sloshing through puddles, climbing up stairs with bits of whatever clinging to my feet. I ran into my roommate in the stairwell. She too was barefoot and holding her shoes. We smiled and laughed at each other. This scene was comically beautiful.

- For the last two weeks, I was able to take care of some horses, more so than my usual shift at the barn. It was a special circumstance with Horse Haven, an influx of more than 30 horses. So much so that we didn't have enough room at our actual facility, so the local fairground/park/thing let us stay there for awhile. I didn't work nearly as many hours as a few other individuals did, but man, am I pooped. But man, was it worth for every hour, every dirty barn booger, for crusty/dusty orange/brown hands at the end of the night...and no amount of washing could make the dirt go away. Smelling like a barn, horses, and hay and feeling tired because of hard work...beautiful.

- I'm dealing with post-concert blues. I'll be okay. It still blows my mind that one of my biggest, happiest dreams came true. Awesomely beautiful.

- Because of Mumford & Sons, I've discovered new music. I'm talking, wicked cool stuff. Ben Lovett, the keys/accordion player, co-founded a live music night called Communion in London in 2006 which has since grown to include more cities as well as a record label. Because of Communion's blog and because of the artists signed to the label, I've discovered so much more music that makes me happy. Beautiful.

So today/tonight/this morning's word of the day = beautiful.


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