Monday, January 9, 2012

How Catholic Are You?

Last night, a new acquaintance of mine asked, "So how Catholic are you?"

I chuckled at the silliness of the question. I mean, what kind of question is that? Or better yet, how does one answer that?

Because this person started to zone out as soon as he finished talking, I never really got the chance to answer, but here's what I started to say:

"Well, two of my best friends are priests, and I'm going to a concert with them Friday night along with a deacon whom I work with. We're also going with the former Chair of the Parish Pastoral Council for my home parish, and my friend (who's-a-sista-from-anotha-mutha) who happens to be a student at the University of Notre Dame."

Note that I said "home parish"...because I'm so Catholic that I go to two parishes. My bi-locating abilities are a product of geography: I live 4 miles away from the cathedral, and St. Thomas is 25 miles away from my apartment. So whichever parish I'm scheduled to be at for whatever liturgical ministry (of the 3 ministries that I'm a part of) decides which church pew I'll be sitting in. And let's be honest, sometimes I don't want to wake up earlier than needed to drive back to Lenoir City if I'm not "supposed to be there." And when you're a college kid living off of minimum wage, gas is a precious commodity that's more valuable than food if you're a commuting student like me.

I'm also an intern at the Chancery for the Diocese of Knoxville. I'm a godmother to my baby cousins and my friend, who is like my little brother, Diego. I love incense and literally jump and squeal with glee when I find out that we'll be using it during Mass. Oh and I love going to Mass.

I also just love God. A lot.

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