Friday, January 27, 2012

Here's to you, Spring Semester

So, this post was supposed to go out at the start of the semester, not 3 weeks after the fact. Oh well. Story of my life. I'd like to note that this week is the first full one we've had this semester at UT.

Here's what I originally wrote and never posted:
I'm excited about spring semester for a couple of reasons. In my current state of mind, one thing to be excited about is the increase in contact with humanity. I've been house/dog-sitting for almost a week now, and I think I've got a slight case of cabin fever. Walking and playing with the dogs around the neighborhood has been quite refreshing. I can't believe I've lived in Sequoyah Hills for several months and never explored it until now (because I have to, haha). It's beautiful.

But yeah, slight isolation plus the fact that a lot of my friends aren't back in Knoxville only adds to the anticipatory feelings of a new semester. That and getting all my books in the mail. I was super stoked when I realized I only had to buy three.

My backpack will be significantly lighter. Even though I have an 8 a.m. and a night class, my schedule seems to be more to my liking (on paper...I'll get back to you once the semester sets in). For some strange reason that most people are utterly confused by, I like getting a "head start" to my day. I don't like 8a.m. classes and waking up super early, but I also have a weird thing about not sleeping past 10a.m. If I do, I feel like I waste the day! Don't you?
As for the walking around the neighborhood, well, I haven't done that since I stopped dog-sitting, which makes me sad because I had a lot of fun being outside. The semester has indeed provided a significant increase in contact with other human beings, which I enjoy. Some days not so much, but for the most part, my re-entry into the world has gone swimmingly. Made a new pass-each-other-in-the-hallway-every-day/grocery store friend in addition to the class friends one always makes with each new semester. What's nice about the class friends is that the faces are more often familiar than not, as we're all in the communications or Spanish programs. You're bound to see each other again if you're in the same major and especially so if the department offers very few sections. Class/section availability is an entirely different animal.

And so far, yes, I've enjoyed my schedule. The whole 8a.m. class is still simultaneously sucky and nice. My professor for my communications topics class (Communicating Diversity: Approaches, Applications, and Appreciation) is wicked cool. She's hysterical and really knows her stuff. Night class with her at the helm should not be difficult!

My backpack is indeed lighter. I particularly enjoy that fact that my current and previous Spanish classes did not require a textbook. We do have to print out some things, but it's much cheaper than buying a book. And that's always a nice thing.

I went from this (fall semester):

To this:

I'm still in the process of creating a new routine, but the first couple weeks of class have been pretty good.

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Mary said...

I'm with you: If I sleep later (for me it's past 8:00!) I feel like I've wasted half the day!