Monday, January 2, 2012

A Few Things

I just had a million things running through my head, so I thought I'd write some of them down. So this is part resolution list and part whatever.

1. Smile more. My most recently acquired nickname is Smiley. It originated from being part of the "giggle girls" (the 3 interns), but the point is, I laugh and smile a lot. Apparently more than I thought. I think I'll keep that up. In fact, during Mass this morning I realized that my smile is a gift from God, and He wants me to use it. So I will!

2. I'd seriously like to get in better shape. Everyone looks at me funny when I say that, but really, just because you consider me small/skinny/slender/flaca doesn't mean that I'm in great shape. Ideally, I'd like to be healthy and fit enough to make my pipe-dream pilgrimage/hike that I could do this summer but most likely won't. If nothing else, I can meander around the Smokies more efficiently.

3. I find that I rather enjoy learning and being knowledgeable. Take this morning for instance. Dad, Ape, and I were watching a local sports talk show, and for whatever reason the host decided to incorporate the end of the Mayan calendar. He asked if the likelihood of the Mayans being right was more probable than the Vols winning some conference title. If the Mayans are right, he said, then the world ends on December 23. But the three of us felt pretty sure (and I looked it up right after he misspoke) that the calender ends on December 21. Strike one!

This poor fella went on to say that if only those Mayans saw Cortes coming with smallpox...blah blah blah. I laughed because the host was so wrong! Hernan Cortes never made contact with the Mayans...he made contact with and caused the downfall of the Aztecs. Strike two!

I heehawed, but then I later became thoughtful and thankful for my education. Not that this man wasn't (I mean, he knows more about UT athletics than I ever will), but come on, two strikes within 30 seconds...

4. I have a blog. I should use it more. Writing here is cathartic.

5. Eagerly, ridiculously, unashamedly, I wait for Mumford & Sons to release their next album.

6. Eagerly, ridiculously, unashamedly, I hope that several artists/bands that I love will make appearances within a 200 mile radius this year.

7. Love. Be God's light for others. Be the face of Jesus. Stumble but get right back up...and ask for help when I find that I can't do it alone.

Word. Happy New Year folks!

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Mary said...

You ABSOLUTELY should use that smile!
Happy New Year!