Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Predictability for the Win!

If nothing else, college students are for the most part predictable.

Take for example, this post. Predictably, when I should be studying for my exam tomorrow, I'm here writing this and listening to youtube videos of Mumford & Sons, The Civil Wars, Carolina Chocolate Drops, plus a hodge-podge of other artists/bands. Also, I repeatedly check Facebook like something is going to change. OH! A notification! Hooray!

Really, all I wanted to convey was that if I have learned anything from college and life so far, it is that a degree of predictability is good. At least for me it is. Last Friday my 9:05 discussion was canceled, and I had at least one week's worth of notice. So I presented myself with an about, let's not go to campus early for no reason. Because of the cancellation I would only have my 12:20 class.

Reason after reason to not go to campus early kept piling on, namely the fact that I hadn't had a chance to sleep in at all the last week.

So then I compiled a pro/con list of my idea. I knew Friday's forecast...and for college students, especially commuters, it spelled a mild form of doom. Not full blown doom, just a mild version. It wasn't really supposed to get above 40 AND it was supposed to rain all day. Add to the recipe for "awesome" that it was going to be Friday + our football team is doing awful this year (don't ask why that factors in, I don't even know) + hell, we're college students and we don't like to go to class on Fridays and you get...

The perfect storm.

So I set my alarm for way later than usual Friday morning. I got up, leisurely showered, and I ate biscuits and bacon while I watched the Golden Girls. (The fact that I ate a hot meal that didn't consist of poptarts is a feat in itself). Unlike most of my collegiate peers, I gleefully trotted off to the car and happily but carefully drove through the wet to school. And whaddaya know?

The parking lot I use on Fridays was only 1/3 full! If that! It's safe to say that I'm counting that spectacular moment as one of the greatest days of my life. So proud of being able to cook up that recipe.

Though I do know that pride cometh before the fall, so I will be sure to carefully consider this decision should the opportunity arise again.

I will say that as much as I do enjoy predictability, it certainly does get old and boring. Especially if whatever is predictable is not healthy, bad for you, not entertaining, etc. So don't let it fool you!

And now, if you'd like, you can watch/listen to some awesome.

"Captain" by Abigail Washburn and The Sparrow Quartet

"Corn and Beans" by Carolina Chocolate Drops

"Barton Hollow" by The Civil Wars

"Beneath the Piano" by Devil Makes Three

"Feel the Tide" by Mumford & Sons

Though I do love alphabetizing things, for the record, I did not alphabetize the videos on purpose. It honestly happened by accident, which is awesome.

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