Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Never-ending Hiatus!

The hiatus never ends!

My fall break got off to a fun start yesterday afternoon. Fun as in, sarcastic! Perhaps I'll tell you the stories one day.

Right now, I'm being a big nerd. I created a huge, detailed study schedule for next week. You see, I have 4 exams, count 'em, 4 exams after fall break. Talk about a suckfest. Don't forget that verb quiz, oh and those 2 chapters you have to read for 2 different classes.

I'm currently in the stages of picking out/designing my possible spring semester schedule. We'll see how much of my hard work gets blown to pieces after I meet with my advisor. Hooray!

For now, I'm quite content to work on my take home mid-term exam while my roommate sits on my bed playing guitar. She's singing now too! And we're giggling about silly things, funny things, and amusing stuff.

I love her.

Peace out. See ya later. Here's to fall break!

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