Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Never-ending Hiatus!

The hiatus never ends!

My fall break got off to a fun start yesterday afternoon. Fun as in, sarcastic! Perhaps I'll tell you the stories one day.

Right now, I'm being a big nerd. I created a huge, detailed study schedule for next week. You see, I have 4 exams, count 'em, 4 exams after fall break. Talk about a suckfest. Don't forget that verb quiz, oh and those 2 chapters you have to read for 2 different classes.

I'm currently in the stages of picking out/designing my possible spring semester schedule. We'll see how much of my hard work gets blown to pieces after I meet with my advisor. Hooray!

For now, I'm quite content to work on my take home mid-term exam while my roommate sits on my bed playing guitar. She's singing now too! And we're giggling about silly things, funny things, and amusing stuff.

I love her.

Peace out. See ya later. Here's to fall break!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hokai, so 5 things:

1. Yes, I'm still alive.

2. I have a serious backlog of posts that are in the various stages of the writing process. Maybe someday I will finish them? I could just churn and burn 'em (and by that I mean, finish & publish them), but the experiences they stem from mean an incredible amount to me. So hopefully with some better planning and less procrastination, I'll finish them.

3. Today in my World Civ lecture, we talked about Classical India and the formation of Buddhism. At the end of the lecture, my professor wanted to spend a little time discussing/comparing the founders of Buddhism and Christianity.

Aside from knowledge gained in the comparison of the two, what I really enjoyed was examining (just briefly so) Jesus Christ from a secular view. This was not a religion class. It was a history class. Naturally, the perspective was different.

And you know what? Despite what some of my collegiate uber-conservative Christian peers may think, this examination of Jesus not in the context of a religion class or Sunday school lesson was awesome. It was wonderful because I found myself saying, yes, I really like this guy. This Jesus, he's alright. Well, you know, he's more than that. His teachings are sharply focused. He called people out and associated himself with those considered to be outside of decent society.

4. Today the crazy anti-abortionist goons were on campus. Remember my swagga post on them? I haven't seen them yet this semester, though I know that they were here last week. Usually they only come once or twice throughout the entire semester. It would seem that they've grown some marbles, as this is at least their 2nd week and back-to-back no less!

I saw them from afar. I thanked God that today was a rainy and windy day because I brought my rain jacket. I put it on and pulled the hood up, letting it fall over my face. It created a kind of protective shell. I didn't want to see the display of bloody children and aborted fetuses. I don't need to see that. NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE THAT.

You see, I don't think that tactics or evangelization like that will stop women from having abortions or bring us idolatrous college students to Christ. You know, I'm sure there are faculty, staff, and students alike who have had miscarriages. How do you think they feel about those pictures? How do you think women who have had abortions feel about your vitriolic message? God doesn't hate! HE DOESN'T!

I peeked out of my protective sphere and immediately regretted it. I saw two pictures, and they were more than enough. I'm glad that the people who set up this display were all preoccupied with others because I actually wanted to talk to one of them. I wanted to learn why they think this particular display and message would be instrumental in bringing people to God and to ending abortion. Again, I'm glad they were all in conversation with someone else because as you know, I suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. I really wanted to say, go to hell bastards.

But that would have done nothing for those gathered around. I would have felt a brief moment of catharsis, and knowing myself, I would have regretted my mouth later. So kudos to God for keeping me moving along.

5. I caved and ordered a Mumford & Sons poster from eBay. After being "out there" for almost 3 weeks, it finally arrived. It doesn't look quite like I expected it to. Marcus' head is cut off more than it is in the original photo, and there's less space between Winston's feet and the border. That's okay though. This little lady is pretty happy just to finally have given the gents a proper place in her pantheon of awesome posters.

So I said 5 things. How about a bonus or two? :)

Mumford & Sons cover Neil Young's "Dance Dance Dance"

...aaaand here's an original, of course. If I had to pick one favorite song by Mumford & Sons, "Roll Away Your Stone" would take the crown.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Letter: The Abridged Version

Dear God,

I'm sorry that I'm annoying a lot of the time.

Thanks for loving me even when I don't love you back, whether purposefully or unintentionally.

You're pretty awesome.


If I ever find the time to breath, let alone write, you'll hopefully get to read the longer, more in-depth version of this letter thing that I started writing when I should've been working on a Spanish paper.