Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So I have, like, no time for much outside of work and trying (note the word trying) to get stuff ready to move into my apartment and find, buy, and/or sell a piece of my soul to get textbooks for the semester.

But...the other day I was on campus because I was having dinner with two lovely friends that I don't see much of, and as I was walking to the University Center, I felt this wave of happiness. By that I mean, it felt good to be walking on campus again. Sure, I've only been out of class/away from academic life for almost a month, but the lull in having no class was incredibly rejuvenating.

So basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm a bit excited for the fall semester to start. Don't get too crazy now! I am relatively sure that it's your typical "first day of school" excitement. And boy, does the novelty of that wear off quickly in college. I can just imagine myself upon receiving the syllabi (?) for my classes, teehee.

Anyway, yay for school! Yay for new things! Yay for lots of other things and people!


s-p said...

Yay newness. Unfortunately everything that is new becomes work eventually. Enjoy the moment the dig in.

Katie said...

I'm SO there as well, just with my college instead haha :)