Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

It would appear that this summer I have accidentally stumbled upon this habit of not blogging a lot or with some degree of measurable frequency. And I like it. For awhile now, I've felt this strange need to have to write something every single day, and to be quite frank, that's impossible for me! Especially this summer.

So to continue with this state of infrequent blogging, I'm hopefully going to write a quick post. You see, I'm on a real vacation now. Though class ended a few weeks ago, I've been working every day since. Which is totally fine! But at the same time, I also just needed a chance to chill.

Literally, chill. Wake up without an alarm, stay in my jamjams until an almost ridiculous hour, lounge around on the couch, eat too much know the drill. And I get to do all of this while simultaneously visiting my family up in Ohio. I haven't been here since summer 2009, so it is really wonderful being able to see them all. Oh and about eating too much food...earlier my Dad, step-mom, and I went out for breakfast. Dad and I ordered the same thing, and we both ate all of our food. Let me tell you, it was a lot. I mean, I ate the same amount of food as that of a grown man. Holy moly, I still can't believe I did. I was a little disgusted with myself actually. But hey, I sure can pack it away.
With this vacation, I also earned another pair of big girl panties. For the first time ever, I drove all 430ish miles from Lenoir City to Findlay, Ohio. The most Interstate driving that I've done alone before was maybe around 60 miles, but that was all in the state of Tennessee. The whole drive I kept thinking to myself, "Yes. You're really doing it! You, Ashley, are driving." With the exception of the mildly terrifying drive through a bad-a thunderstorm IN THE MIDDLE of Cincinnati, the entire drive was great. Only stopped twice and I made excellent time.

I'm also proud that I overcame my bad case of the Sunday-don't-go-to-Mass-lazies. Usually when I go on vacation anywhere, I often overlook the fact that it is Sunday. Oops! Didn't go to Mass. And a lot of the time, it is a purposeful oversight. In an attempt to circumvent the problem, last night I found out the Mass times for the church just down the road from my Dad's house. Though I almost let a case of the Mass lazies consume me, I did in fact go today! It wasn't in the morning, but then again, I haven't been to too many Sunday evening masses. So that was a nice change.

Though I did catch myself wondering if it was in fact the right decision. If that makes any sense. Though I was thankful for the chance to go to Mass, I felt rather disconnected today. I kept going in and out of paying attention and really struggled with being present. Perhaps it was the fact that the priest who celebrated tonight was the same one who presided during my Grandma's funeral 3 years ago. Maybe it was because I felt like their music oscillated between Mass of Creation parts/joyful-ish hymns and some funeral dirge sounding pieces...pick one or the other, don't do both. Perhaps it was the fact that their ushers for the evening were young teenage girls who wore Daisy Duke shorts. Don't get me wrong, the girls were extremely nice and knew exactly what they were doing, but I found the shorts a bit distracting.

Many things distracted me, but I too was part of the problem. So hopefully with this vacation and time spent with my family, I'll be able to find my center again. Recharge. Realign, what have you. Here's to being present, not just during Mass, but all of the time.

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Mary said...

Wow. I've driven to LA (Lower Alabama) and PC Beach before, but I had at least one of the boys with me. I went to 8:00 p.m. Mass on campus last Sunday; it was really quite cozy. There weren't very many people there, so it felt really personal!
As for the food: I don't think it's going to hurt you any! Have a great time!