Friday, July 8, 2011


I came home from work today after having a rather horrifically gargantuan incident of terror, and that's putting it mildly. And comically.

Anyway, when I got back to the house, I fiddled around on the internet, checking this and that. I was also a bit tired and decided to take a catnap. When I woke up because emergency vehicle sirens went screaming by my window, I sat there and my mind started racing. What do I have to do? What do I need to get done today and this weekend, before Monday?

And you know what?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Yes! With the exception of a few minor yet regular weekend items, I don't have to do anything. For the first time since the first half of August 2009, I have a real summer break. Albeit, my break started later than most of my friends, but that was because I decided to take summer classes for 2 summers in a row. Class ended on Wednesday, and it ended happily and awesomely. I don't go back until August 17.

So I now know what freedom feels like again! No more school...for a month! I've had a whirlwind of a time these past 2-3ish weeks. Some parts were exhausting, amusing, hilarious, terrifying, sad, stressful, and character building. But I think I rather enjoyed myself once I look back at the big picture.

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