Friday, June 3, 2011


Amalgam is my new favorite word, so I had to use it somewhere in here. It is really just going to be a list of random things that I want to tell the world, so amalgam is a fitting word for the post. 

As I write this, I'm listening to my "My Grass is Blue" playlist. It really isn't all bluegrass music but rather a combination of bluegrass, Americana, and folk rock. However, since most every song in this list has a banjo and/or mandolin involved, I'm sticking with the title. Plus, it's an awesome name for a playlist. In the past, I've mentioned that I truly love a little bit of every musical genre, but in particular, bluegrass/Americana/folk rock and classical/movie score both hold special places in my heart. I thought I could refrain from linking up to a Youtube video...

Surprise! It's another song by Mumford & Sons. If you're sick of hearing me talk about them or if you just don't like them, I really am sorry. But I just can't help myself. God I love them. Thanks be to God for them!

I'm quite enjoying life at this particular moment in time. It isn't perfect, but life never is! I've just had an excellent couple of days. My mini-term Spanish class ended, and I feel relatively okay with my effort. I won't know my grade until next Friday. What I do know is that if I can avoid it, I will never take a mini-term class again! I love Spanish, but 3 hours a day of any class will probably put me over the edge. Though I already miss my Spanish class family. Nos llevamos bien.

My first session summer class started. I'm not as deathly afraid of this class or public speaking as I was last semester before my first speech/public speaking class. Experience does help! Plus, the professor is seriously, legit awesome.

By the grace of God I was able to find a place to live in Knoxville during the summer. Since both of my classes were/are everyday, commuting just didn't make sense to me if I had the alternative of staying in Knoxville. When my original plans fell through, I randomly (or, not really random...more like a bump on the noggin from God) thought to ask my best friend Katie Ann if the Tyson House would let me live there over the summer. For some reason, I didn't consider it at first, but I'm grateful for the reminder! Tyson House is the Episcopal-Lutheran Campus Ministry at UT. It's a really wonderful place and ministry, so you should check them out here! Since Katie Ann is a camp counselor over the summer, she is letting me stay in her room. Bless her, she's a lovely and wonderful friend.

One of the things I love about Tyson House is that the wood floors are really creaky. The noise that wooden floors make (you know, that classic/old house sounding sound) is one of my favorite noises, period. I get to hear it everyday now!

I literally just started my new job (uh, internship, according to one person...) at the Chancery for the Diocese of Knoxville. I've always loved the building and the atmosphere when I would come by for whatever reason in the past, but now, I actually get to be a part of that environment. It's really awesome. I find it incredibly cool that I work just down the hall from some nuns and Bishop Stika! The little Catholic nerd in me is essentially acting like your typical child or child-like adult would at a theme park. I'm like a Christmas tree, all lit up and everything.

Even though I am insanely exhausted from the past few days, I'm strangely euphoric and happy. I've made it through the past 2 days with maybe 5 hours of sleep for each day, and I haven't done that in a long time. So naturally, I'm really tired. I didn't think I was going to make it out of the shower this morning. Miraculously I made it through work, but I almost fell asleep right before I had to leave for class. Somehow I survived class, and I was looking forward to a long overdue nap afterward. That changed when my friend and future roommate, Megan, asked if I wanted to go to dinner with Elizabeth, who was one of my first friends that I made when my family moved to Tennessee way back in 2001. I haven't seen her in forever, so it was really nice hanging out and talking and eating lots of great food. Though I'm pretty positive that half of what I said after 4:45 (the end of class) made absolutely no sense, it was a good evening.

I stayed up way too late and woke up way earlier than usual the past two days. Add that to really no wiggle room (or nap time!) while I transition from one class to another and learn the ropes at the DoK, I'm one exhausted yet amusing-to-listen-to little girl.

I drank a can of Coke and 1.5 big cups of Mountain Dew today. Didn't do much for me.

Yeah, I'm that tired. So I say good night. I'm going to sleep for, like, a million hours.

Oh, and just so you know, there were several times throughout this post when I started to write words/phrases in Spanish instead of English. Is it safe to say that my mini-term class had some lasting effects?

It's going to be a swell summer.

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Mary said...

That is so cool that you'll be rubbing elbows with the Bishop! ;-)