Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Few Thoughts

Keeping it short today...lots of Spanish homework and studying to do for this little lady!

A few days/short weeks ago, I talked with two of my friends, on separate occasions. Through our meandering conversations, we talked about what we're majoring in and what we think we want to do after graduation.

I still harbor some reservations when I answer because, well, I know myself and my often fickle tendencies. But, I am pretty positive that I won't be changing majors again. I'm pretty happy with communications and the possibility of minoring in Spanish.

After graduation, heck, even before that...I think I want to work with immigrants and refugees or work in the non-profit sector. If it's in the cards, at some point in my life I'd also like to volunteer for a year with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.

I'd also like to see Mumford & Sons live and then be best friends with all of the guys from the band. But that's a completely different dream...

I'm feeling quite cheery today, in spite of a looming oral quiz over the imperfect subjunctive that is sure to be loads of fun! Que tenga un buen día!


Sr. Ann Marie said...

Even though I've never met you, from reading your blog I can certainly see you involved in some sort of service-oriented work. You seem to have such a giving heart!

otipicni said...

Hello, accidentally (but fortunately)I found your blog and let me tell you that I like your blog. Keep being positive Ashley :D.
Best regards.
Saludos desde Perú y suerte con el español ;).

Mary said...

Oh, yeah. I can SOOO see you doing something in the non-profit area!