Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This semester my RA decided to put up a poster with all of her residents' names. Every time you go to a program or any big campus-wide event, you get a star. At the end of the semester, the one with the most stars gets a prize of some sort.

A prize?! Yes! I'll play. But I also just like going to programs or university events (if I can and I'm interested in those, there are an awful lot of them all of the time). I like being able to show my face and give my support. So if I'm the only one who shows up to my RA's program, awesome.

However, I also love the thrill of victory and the taste of winning and the adrenaline of competition. Not that getting a star by my name gets me all pumped up to run a marathon or tackle a bear, but you know what I mean. I do get pretty happy when I earn another star.

As the not-so-awesome Charlie Sheen would say, "Winning!" Or if you're on Twitter, #winning

On Sunday and Monday nights, we had our most popular and well attended program. I came out Sunday night for a bit and was able to come back Monday night. More girls showed up or at least walked through, so naturally we chatted briefly. One girl said, "Who's Ashley S.?" I smiled sheepishly and said, "Me."

We were just talking about how many multiple names we have: 2 Ashleys, 2 Chelseas, 2 Kendras, and 3 Caitlins (...3 different spellings). The other Ashley was asking about me, because she saw that I'm the one in the lead right now! They're after me. It was all good fun though. It's nice getting to meet your neighbors, but it is funny because we only have a few weeks of the semester left and we just now decided to talk/have fun with each other.


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Mary said...

That's a great idea! Love that competitive spirit!