Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

I should not be doing anything right now because I am so tired! However, I must hold out until 11p.m. If I go to sleep now or really before that time, then I will either a) sleep so much that once I wake up I'm still tired or b) wake up way too early and start this vicious cycle of not sleeping/sleeping/napping during the day all over again.

Not that you care to know any of that, but you know me, I like to share.

In other news, I resurrected my Twitter account. I've had it since September but stopped using it in October. Don't really remember why I let it fall to the wayside, oh well. But now I'm back and I love it! I do enjoy blogging and Facebook, but Twitter is also fun. I feel I can say more/do more there than I would here. If you have a Twitter, you should come find me @_horsesash

Haha! Get it? I'm punny. But the credit to that awesomeness isn't mine. My good friend Fr. Christian helped come with the moniker.

And since I have time for nothing else, here is yet another sampling of some of my favorite movie score/orchestra/awesome tunage.

"Still (Reprise)" by Hans Zimmer, from Black Hawk Down

"Hector's Death" by James Horner, from Troy

Estoy muy cansada. Buenas noches mis amigos.

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