Monday, March 7, 2011

Take A Minute

So it's been awhile since my last post. I don't really know why that happened, but I digress. I'm currently in the "I've got a million things to do for class" mode that inevitably is thrust upon every college student the week before Spring Break. I turned in a paper today, and I turn another one in tomorrow. I have an exam on Wednesday. Then I'm basically home free.

In lieu of lots of words, I wanted to share an awesome awesome awesome song with you, but alas, it has one word (the "n" word) that prevents me from sharing it. The rapper uses it one time. I bought the clean version from iTunes but can't find it anywhere on the internet. If I could find the clean version, I'd put it up here. If you want to check it out on your own, go to Youtube and listen to the song "Take A Minute" by K'naan.

Now you're thinking, how can the song be any good? Well, to me one bad apple doesn't ruin the other good apples, yo. My favorite lines from the song are:

"And any man who knows a thing knows he knows not a damn, damn thing at all" and "Dear Mama, you helped me write this by showing me to give is priceless"

That's insanely good. And powerful.

What's doubly cool, as you know I love a whole lot of interesting things, is that K'naan is a Somali-Canadian rapper.

You should also check out this film trailer, which will be screened on campus coming up in April. I'm so excited. I found "Take A Minute" while watching the trailer.

Bouncing Cats Trailer from Bouncing Cats on Vimeo.

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Mary said...

Just 2 more days and you're "home free"! :D