Saturday, March 19, 2011

El Tiburón

When I woke up this morning, I remembered my rather vivid dream. I have to share it with you because of its silliness in relation to me. But first, a little scene setting...

Yesterday my friend Becca, her mom, and I went to the Knoxville Zoo. Throughout our afternoon, we talked about our favorite animals. Every now and then I would interject with my favorite animals at the Indianapolis Zoo (see this post about "Marine Mammals" for even more background!). At some point, I brought up the shark touch pool at the Indy Zoo. Don't get too excited, they're just tiny little dog sharks.

But for me, of course, any shark interaction would be the coolest thing, ever! I'm still holding out for a visit with my favorites: Great White and Mako sharks. In case you haven't read my "about me", I love sharks. They're my favorite animal. YES. You know how much I love horses, but sharks are numero uno.

Anyway, I guess my subconscious was trying to explain just how ridiculous my unwavering devotion is to an animal that most everyone fears.

In my dream, Becca and I were at the shark touch pool. I put my hand in, and then one of the dog sharks bit me! It was of course not life threatening, but my bloody fingers were quite a sight to see. Others around us started freaking out and screaming. What did I do?

I held up my hand and proclaimed, "THIS IS SO COOL! A shark just bit me!" Meanwhile, Becca rolled her eyes. We were the only two not flipping out over a tiny little bite.

I woke up, and instantly I remembered something that several of my friends repeatedly told me throughout our school years together. They said that if someone ever shouted "Shark!" at a beach, I would be the only one who would run into the water while everyone else ran out of the water. My friends also say that I will die at the hands (uh, teeth?) of a shark. The only thing that will be left is one of my hands.

I chuckle as I write this. I love my friends, really. Their ability to be so creative and humorous just makes my day.

Of course, I truthfully don't think I would run into the water if someone spotted a shark swimming around the beach. I would be really excited though, not gonna lie.

Oh and don't mess with my sharks! Next to scientists who study them, I think I'm their staunchest defender. They really are my favorite animals.

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Mary said...

I think you're the first person I've ever met that loves sharks! CH & the 2 oldest boys swam with the sharks at one of the water parks at Disney.