Sunday, February 13, 2011

Totally Not the Right Holiday

Yesterday night I went out for dinner with some friends from the barn after we finished up the chores. At some point, a story came up that I remember quite vividly, save for one detail. I can't remember the horse's name, which leaves me rather frustrated because everything but his name is quite clear!

Phoebe and I went into a stall to give a horse his oral meds. I put the plunger into X's mouth while Phoebe made sure he didn't go anywhere. Literally as soon as I pushed the plunger, he moved his tongue causing the syringe to move towards the side of his mouth rather than stay in the middle.

A good portion of his medicine shot right out the side of his mouth into Phoebe's face. Somehow, he received most of his medicine. The whole situation was quite funny seeing as I had no idea what happened at first. It was only until Phoebe stepped around the horse to look at me when I saw her face.

Good times, good times. She still has the medicine stain on her barn jacket! Anyway, the reason I told you this story was that it led me to look through my old Horse Haven photo albums. I hoped that seeing a black horse would jog my memory as to which horse it was that starred in the infamous story, but it didn't happen.

Instead, I found some photos from this past October and Halloween-ish time that I forgot to put on here. I like to share, you know that. And I know tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day.

The decorated stall was for "Boo at the Barn." Boo is our annual fundraiser that takes place around Halloween. Volunteers decorate a stall and a horse, and then little kiddies and their parents come around to get candy and maybe pet the horse if they're brave enough! In 2009, my stall was an epic fail because it was so incredibly last minute. For real. So this past time, I wanted to redeem myself. I partnered with Sigi and our horse, Porsche.

Though we didn't win the stall decorating contest, I'm pretty proud of our effort!

My friend and I went to visit a barn's open house for some fancy-schmancy horses one afternoon. It was a bigger deal than I thought, what with free beverages (including booze!), a professional photographer, and horses that cost the same amount as attending the University of Tennessee for one year. My favorite horse sold for 5 figures.

And this little gem, well, it makes perfect sense to me! I love horses. And apparently, I don't care to let the world see my affection for them. I found the picture on the barn's website.

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Mary said...

That horse is gorgeous! Looks like the stall you decorated took a long time; love that the horse was decorated, too!