Thursday, February 10, 2011


My Grandpa that I haven't spoken to in almost 2 years emailed me a Valentine's Day card. I almost started to cry when I got the mail today as I returned from class.  I did cry out of pure happiness and love when I read the card. It turns out that the only reason we haven't spoken was out of pure laziness. On his part and on my part.

I learned two valuable lessons that I feel like I should have known all along:
a) Patience truly is a virtue.
b) Laziness can be a crippling disease if you let it go untreated.

I could have picked up the phone or sent a letter sooner. I just expected Grandpa to reach out first. At least, that has always been the case ever since my grandparents divorced. He would call first, he would send the birthday card first, etc. Time just got away from the two of us, and I let silly expectations get in the way of what I could have done sooner.

I began to grow impatient, waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. It was sometime after my birthday 2 years ago when I hadn't heard from him that I began to patiently wait for some sign or acknowledgment of my existence. Somewhere along the line, I forgot how to be patient.

Fitting, then, that the following reflection was what I read last night before I went to bed.

"By patient endurance you will gain life." -Luke 21:19

Practice patience toward everyone, and especially toward yourself. Never be disturbed because of your imperfections, but always get up bravely after a fall. -St. Francis De Sales

God of Patience, let me endure my imperfections without rebelling. Help me to be patient with myself as well as with others.

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