Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How About a Little of Everything?

Instead of studying for my psychology test, which is tomorrow, I thought I would try and write down some of the random bits of my life that have been quite fun as of late. I have little motivation to study since I like to lie on the floor while I study...earlier when I lay down on the floor to do some reading for American lit, I almost fell asleep.

So far I have enjoyed my American lit class, but the readings for this week have been of particular interest to me since they are from a captivity narrative. You know me and my soft spot for Native Americans and anything that even remotely touches on the subject...so of course I will find some enjoyment in a captivity narrative. The woman's deep faith and trust in God was rather refreshing, but I didn't enjoy much of what she had to say about the Wampanoags, for example, "there was a vast difference between the lovely faces of the Christians, and foul looks of those heathens." That's terrible!

Winter weather plays tricks on my poor little hands. Really cold temperatures make my hands dry up like raisins, so this past weekend my hands and I enjoyed the unusually warm, spring-like temperatures. All that niceness stayed around until just a few hours ago, when it started to rain. I honestly enjoyed the weather teaser, but the temperatures are supposed to drop this week and snow may be possible one day this weekend. Blegh!

Earlier this afternoon, I accompanied my friend Sarah to a used book, CD, and movie store. We both abhor going there because it is too chaotic and unorganized for us. Though I love books, I hate going to this bookstore for some reason. Going there gives me some kind of complex. Today though, we had a successful trip because we were in and out fairly quickly, found half of what Sarah needed to find, and I had a nostalgia moment when I found a book series that I used to read as a kid. I may go back one day to buy them...as long as I don't have to go alone. Our trip was made all the more fun when I tried rolling Sarah's window down only to find her loudly saying, "Noooo! That window is broken." It was. I tried to roll it back up, but to no avail. I retorted later after we fixed the window that if she didn't want it accidentally rolled down, she should cover the button with a big piece of tape that says don't touch.

Just last week I discovered the band Pearl Jam. Dude, they're awesome. Why I just now found them, I have no idea. I can only thank my former roommate and friend Jade for letting me peruse her iTunes library and add some of her music to mine. I don't know why the 4 Pearl Jam songs I currently have made it into that file in the first place, but I'm glad they did!

Have I ever mentioned how much I like being Catholic? I really do love being a Catholic Christian. I can go to Mass anywhere, and it will still be the same. I love that! For the weekends that I stay on campus, I go to the cathedral which is all of 5 miles away. I have never really felt at "home" or enjoyed church as much as I do when I'm at my home parish or even the cathedral. I could walk to the church on campus, which I have done in the past, but you know sometimes you just go where you feel the love best, even if it isn't all that logical. It is also awesome that one of my best friends who also functions as a third father to me is the rector at the cathedral, and the pastor at the home church is also one of my best friends. Having priests for besties is a cool thing.

Santa Claus (what? It's almost Valentine's Day) got me the Robin Hood, Inception, Green Zone, and Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince movie scores. I love them. Since I can't put up all of my new favorite songs, here are just a few:

"Fate Has Smiled Upon Us" -Marc Streitenfeld, Robin Hood

Of course I included something from Hans Zimmer! He is the man. "528491" from Inception


s-p said...

Nice to catch up... :)

Mary said...

Chuckling about your discovery of Pearl Jam...DUDE! :D
I know what you mean about finding a church that feels like home. OS & I went to the church on campus last Sunday...that is actually the one where I'm registered.