Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Alternative to Heroin

You'll never have to worry about me doing drugs, particularly heroin.

Yesterday I watched a movie with scenes full of people shooting up. I hate needles. Blegh! No thanks, I'll pass.

Though I was not particularly fond of seeing the needles, overall I enjoyed watching American Gangster. I do love Denzel and Russell, and not in a schoolyard crush kinda way but man, these guys are awesome kinda way. I feel that any movie I've seen either of them in, both men command the screen no matter the role.

I could've saved myself some trouble by educating myself that one of the reasons why the movie is rated R is because of "pervasive drug content." Next time I'll shut my eyes!

I don't need heroin or meth to get me going or make me feel happy or alive or whatever. All I need is a mild incident of terror combined with sprinting, or to put it plainly, adrenaline.

On Saturday I got to the barn a little early, so I decided to go visit with the "babies" in one of the pastures. They were all the way in the back, taking their sweet time to come up to the fence, so I decided to visit the boys in the pasture next to the babies. They too were in the back-ish area of the pasture, but they were acting all funny. That's when I saw something move on the other side of the fence, right in front of where Perry and Jessie were hanging out. I went into the pasture with the boys to get a closer look.

As I got closer, I noticed that "it" was chestnut colored, had four legs, and a blue halter. Uh-oh! Somebody got out. Holy @*$%#!!!!!

I quickly realized it was Comanche, but having no lead rope in hand, I took off for the gate. At the last second, I decided to skip the lead rope for the time being and sprinted down to the barn to see just where Comanche was supposed to be...and also to find out who his pasture buddy was...which also meant I could have more horses loose!

Ah, up in the front pasture with Spice. A big black horse, hard to miss.

I sprinted back out of the barn. Comanche was no longer on Horse Haven property, but luckily he was away from the road in the back of the neighbor's yard close to the little cut-thru gate. I found a lead rope and then started walking toward the escape artist. He then saw me and started to walk away, the little turd! So I tried a different approach and was successful in capturing the fugitive.

As we turned to go back onto HHT property, I spied Spice and the hole in the fence line where Comanche had come out of. He was nosing around, with his head, neck, and one hoof on the other side of the fence. Like thunder after lightning, Spice jerked back into the pasture after I cracked a big "NO" at him. I didn't think I could be that loud.

After I put Comanche in an empty stall, I walked back up to make sure Spice didn't get out. Then the other volunteers showed up. Paul fixed the fence, which upon further inspection, was missing one board. Comanche had knocked the middle board down and was able to fit between the top and bottom boards.

As I brought Comanche back up to where he was supposed to be, he nickered the whole way! Once he tried to stop for grass, but I reminded him that he had all afternoon to graze in the neighbor's lush backyard. No chance of stopping now buddy!

So you see, I don't need drugs. I have animals that get my heart pumping.

Oh and I'm totally out of shape. I was so out of breath after sprinting back and forth, I thought I was going to keel over with Comanche's lead rope clutched in my hand. At least he'd be able to pull me around.


Mary said...

Awww, look at that face! I'd say you couldn't stay mad at him long! Very fortunate that you came at that time!

Mark G. said...

It's an interesting comment about drugs - they create a new, albeit temporary, world & put out of mind the real world. It's really quite sad when people can't or won't recognize & respond to the gift of God that is life.

What the Sam Hill does "knickered" mean, anyway?