Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Again

Therefore, while we have time, let us do good to all men--especially to those who are of the household of faith. -Galatians 6:10

It would be a lie if I told you that I have always known that being polite and nice actually makes you feel good. I mean, yes, I've always heard that...but have I actually practiced that? Probably not as well as I could have.

I've noticed in myself over the past few weeks that every place I go, I try to be kind. To smile. To say thank you. I try to do all of those things to complete strangers and to people I know. What surprises me the most is when I find myself being kind and smiling in situations or around people that at that particular moment in time I would rather not be kind and offer some mean-spirited remark instead of a smile.

I think I have discovered that I am just tired of being mean or seemingly unfriendly. My friends have often told me that when they see me walking around (even though I may never have realized I walked past them), my face often looks mean or whatever. And most days, I promise you that I wasn't unhappy or grumpy or whatever, I just have a mean face I guess. So in addition to the above, I'm trying to work on my happy face.

It's not that I haven't had inspiration or lack of time to write, I just haven't felt like it. I'm doing better than I was the last time I posted. My classes have been pretty good so far, though I did end up dropping my anthropology class. Yes, the one that I was really excited about.

If I want to be healthier and less stressed/anxious, I need to actually allow myself time to do those things that will help. So if the first step to being better was lightening my class load, then great. I'm hopeful that the class will be taught again before I graduate (not many of the upper level anthro classes are offered every semester or even every academic year!). If not, then I will still read the books that I already purchased for the class because, yes, I'm a total nerd like that.

On another note, I would like spring to come! Though I don't want to speed up life or time, I'm done with cold weather and snow. No mas por favor!


Mary said...

Have you found that you don't get as stressed around people when you're nice? I know when I'm at the store and I make up my mind to be nice, I do have a better time!
Hate that you decided to drop the class; maybe it'll be offered again so you can take it!

maroo said...

I have a mean face, too. Well, i can be just flat out mean. But, I know what you mean I am trying to hard to be kind to everyone. Live and let live. Forget the past and simply just move on from fights and love everyone I can.
I like your blog :)