Friday, December 31, 2010

A Resolution

I looked at my first post of 2010 to see how many resolutions I actually stuck with and/or fulfilled. When I created that list, I purposefully added sort of silly and/or unattainable ones, like "Become a prolific writer" and "Master the Spanish language." Not that speaking Spanish is strictly out of reach, but it will be for awhile.

I did actually fulfill a few resolutions, like "Go to NPH El Salvador this summer", "Be able to chew food normally again" (*I wrote this right after my wisdom teeth were removed), and "Read more books."

I think the one that I am happiest to have worked on the most throughout 2010 was to simply "Pray." I know that at times, I neglected prayer. There were also many times when I wholeheartedly and fully embraced it. This past year, I have picked up the rosary more often. I've almost learned to pray it without the handy little how-to-pray-the-rosary sheet. Though I am easily distracted during Mass, I made more of an effort to be aware of what was happening, to be open to what the Holy Spirit had in store for me.

I didn't and still don't want my conversations with God to be just about fulfilling an obligation or when I want something to happen. This is probably one of the reasons why I made trying to pray more often (& more deeply) a resolution. In 2010, there were many events and people who unknowingly and knowingly conspired to help me with my resolution, and for them I am immeasurably thankful. I am thankful of what has happened in the past year: good, bad, happy, sad, etc.

Thanksgiving is the national holiday of giving thanks and of elementary school plays about pilgrims and Indians (though, the only reason the Wampanoag helped the pilgrims at Plymouth was to gain an ally and upper hand over their rivals, the Narragansett...just fyi). I digress.

I give thanks on Thanksgiving, but I find giving thanks on New Years Eve more spiritual. I get more out of it because to me, this day is a time for reflection, a time to literally think about the past year because tomorrow a brand new slate appears.

I had never gone to Mass for the feast of Mary, Mother of God before in my life. I'm being honest when I say that the only reason I went tonight was because I hadn't scheduled any altar servers other than myself. I didn't want to crash someone's plans, and I knew I didn't have any. But I know that, being true to my nature, even if I lacked plans, I still would not have gone to Mass tonight.

I am glad that I put my name down in the box when I made the schedule a few months ago. Tonight at Mass, I was able to pray and reflect upon 2010. It was a wonderful way to end the year, a fitting cap to my most favorite resolution.

See you next year. Oh, and Happy New Year!

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Mary said...

Happy New Year! :D