Thursday, December 23, 2010


I wouldn't say that my Christmas season has been incredibly busy or filled with too many things to do and not enough time to do them.

I will, however, say that there have been days of complete craziness and funniness. Like the past two days. There must have been something in the air.

Two nights ago April and I made Kayla cry/whine over something silly. Kayla turned to Mom and said, "I wish I was the only child." So naturally a conversation ensued about being an only child as opposed to being one piece of a limited edition set. This of course happened while we watched the rest of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee on HBO.

Kayla wanted (wants) to be an only child because then no one would mess with her and be mean. Then in my best deadpan manner, I said, "Well I wouldn't want to be an only child because then I would have to do all of the chores." Throughout Kayla's entire monologue, April and I kept trying to not laugh whenever she looked up because seeing our laughter only made Kayla angrier (over nothing I might add!). When I thought my Mom was going to literally kick me off the couch because I kept laughing, I apparently made a terribly funny face. April and I started crying we were laughing so hard. Kayla had no idea what was going on, so she thought we were laughing at her and proceeded to cry even more. My poor mother just wanted to sit on the couch and watch tv, but she got the whole circus when my sisters and I came in.

Yesterday started with a few spirited games of Candyland and Spongebob matching. In both pictures you can see evidence of my winning prowess. I'm the yellow player and the tallest stack of cards is mine. In case you didn't know, getting the Princess Frostine card in Candyland is the quickest way to make my sister mad. It's also a lifesaver if you get a crummy character card that sends you back to the start/beginning of the game. And yes, the phrase "winning prowess" can be applied to children's games. Cause I'm the bomb!

We play a few games each day, but for some reason they were more heated and vicious with each win yesterday. Kayla got mad at me because I picked up the match that she failed to on her first try. This pattern continued, with outbursts of "STOP STEALING MY MATCHES! THAT ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MINE." We played all of these games while listening to Arabic rap and Lady Gaga.

Our big chore of the day was to take the recycling that had been piling up for weeks in the garage. I knew that not all of the recycling would car isn't big enough to fit all the bins and three people, so we had to leave the cardboard behind for another day. No one likes to take the recycling alone, and we couldn't leave Kayla behind to make more room so we just piled it all in.

The drive to the center was fun. Emptying all of the recyclables into their respective containers at the center was sort of fun. It was more funny than fun, except for Abraham Lincoln's twin watching us the whole time to make sure we put things where they're supposed to go.

Once we were back home, each of us took a tub or two to carry back into the garage. Kayla tried getting into the garage first, but she tripped over the lip of the doorway and sort of kicked the door back onto her head. I still don't know how it happened, but I knew she hit herself with the door when she dropped her tub and grabbed her head. April and I just looked at each other, doubled over with laughter.

Luckily, Kayla didn't get mad at us. She actually laughed with us.

Though this season is typecast as being stressful and whatnot even though it should be the exact opposite, I have been mostly stress free. I thank God for that because it helps me prepare better for the birth of Christ. And you have to be thankful for those crazy fun days when you can't account for anything. I'm relatively sure God has a sense of humor. My sisters and I are here, aren't we?

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Mary said...

Nothing like a little competitiveness between siblings! Your sisters will remember times like those, believe me!
Recycling center: I remember having to go to the center when we lived in SC. So glad we live in the city limits where all we have to do is take the bins to the side of the road...unsorted!
Have a very Merry Christmas!