Monday, November 29, 2010

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

At around 1:45 Wednesday afternoon, a small sampling of my looming freedom greeted me as I walked out of the chemistry building. My last class was over extremely early because we had nothing to do but course evaluations. As a bonus for showing up on a day when most people cut class and leave campus, my TA gave those of us who showed up 5 extra points on our lab final. Not to brag, but holy mackerel I made a 98. Not many people pass or even do well on the Chem 130 lab final, but apparently I pulled that out of the, uh, fire.

My Thanksgiving break was full of a whole lotta nothing. It was exactly what I needed too. I literally did nothing but lay around in my pajamas for most of the day, showered way later than I usually do, watched movies, and decorated the house for Christmastime. I did throw in sporadic bits of working on my only assignment over the break...a 5 page paper about radiolarians. I was on the 4th page when I got back to campus last night, and I finished at 11:45p.m. I couldn't print it in my room because I have no ink, so this morning I printed if off in the library and with 5 minutes to spare, showed up to class only to find out that my suspicions were confirmed. The paper was due ON TUESDAY. Not Monday. Tuesday. The TAs said the paper would be due on the last day of class. A lot of us were confused. Did that mean the last day of paleo or the last day of classes? Those are two different days: Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Anyway, now I can take today to really proofread my paper and polish it off. I essentially gave up towards the end mostly because I didn't care much about the morphology of radiolarians. I just pray for personal acceptance of whatever my grade may be.

Here are some shots of my break. It was wonderful for a lot of reasons. Family, especially quick visits from family members you don't see ever. Food. Rest. Movies. Dogs. Cats. Couches. Sleeping in until 10a.m. You know the drill...a whole lotta nothin'!

Our cousin Zack came by for an overnight visit. He was on his way home from his latest job trip, and his way home took him right by us! I can't remember the last time I saw him before this visit, and it was really nice seeing him again.

Cousins on the couch plus Charlie, who is the center of the universe. We're just missing 3 other cousins: Luke (Zack's younger brother...I'm older by 2 days!), Charlotte, and Matthew (the other Aunt's kids).

It's not the most flattering shot of either of us, but I love my Charlie dog!

While I have been away, Squeak has found a new favorite spot. I think she believes that laying on the animal print makes her invisible.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes. Then finals begin. I have one on Monday morning and two on Tuesday. So my last day of the Fall 2010 semester will be December 7th. I'm so excited that I don't think you can understand. It's not the usual, "yay you're done with school so of course you're thrilled." It's more than that, but that explanation will come in another post, I promise...I've been meaning to write it for awhile now.

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Mark G. said...

Best of luck on your finals. I certainly know how stressful that can be! And what a relief when it's over!

Cat? What cat?