Friday, October 22, 2010

Swagga Like Us

If you've never heard the M.I.A. song "Paper Planes", well, then you probably don't get the connection between the post title and song. It's not a song that your Granny would listen to, but I love it.

Towards the end of the song, she raps/sings this line: No one on the corner has swagger like us

The Merriam-Webster definition stinks, so I went to the always helpful Their many user provided definitions are quite helpful and obviously fit the present day, most common use of the word. Note that I typed in "swagga" instead of "swagger" because I like spelling the former as opposed to the latter. Essentially, they are the same word, but Urban Dictionary has slightly different definitions.

Swagga - how you present yourself to the world; the things that define a person's character; how someone goes about things; the way you carry yourself, the way your attitude is toward others

Sometime ago in the summer, I posted that song line as my Facebook status, which made me smile and a few of my friends laugh electronically. Yes, such a thing is possible. Anyway, I never would have thought to apply the word swagga to a serious situation in life.

As my friend and I were driving past the library and the pedestrian walkway, which is a haven/hot spot for all manner of protests and demonstrations on campus, I noticed that the "abortion people" were out again. The campus heaves a collective groan and plans out routes to avoid them.

They show up periodically throughout the academic year. Sometimes they put up a massive display of photographs depicting bloody fetuses and slogans like "Abortion kills", "Abortion is wrong", etc. One time last year, they erected a huge cube with gigantic, 1/3 billboard sized photographs of bloody fetuses and the like. They handed out little pamphlets, and they preached about how abortion is wrong, repent!, God doesn't like it, blah blah blah.

Because of where my classes are located this semester, my route to class doesn't take me by the library or the pedestrian walkway. So yesterday was the first time that I saw them at all this semester, if but for only a few brief seconds. The gray-haired woman was holding...guess...a picture of a bloody fetus. The impact still lingers.

And I am hurt. And disgusted.

The anti-abortion people's swagga, to apply my word of the day, is not like mine. As a Christian, as a human being, I was hurt and appalled that they thought they could "bring people to Christ" by holding pictures of lifeless fetuses.

My friend aptly stated, "Please stop making the world hate Christianity. Abortion pictures don't bring people to Christ." She's right. It doesn't lead people to Christ. I think it would lead them away. I'm slightly led away from their message. Okay, not slightly. I'm at the other end of the world away from them. That's what Christians are all about? Surely not.

It is in my opinion a stupid way to try and bring others to Christ. Love and peace and prayer bring people to Christ. Not depictions of death and insults and condemnation. Fire and brimstone! Fire and brimstone to you college kids! The way they are presenting their beliefs to the world seems completely insane. Asinine.

I rant as if I am perfect, and I know I am not. I just know that I would never do such a thing. My swagga isn't the best at times, but no one on the corner has swagger like them, for sure.


s-p said...

We need more of your swagga, Sister!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Thanks for this post!

Ashley Siferd said...

Thanks Steve & practicinghuman :)