Friday, October 8, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Oh Charlie dog, this is a flattering picture

Among the many reasons I enjoy Fall Break, these photographs are a few reasons why. It was excellent weather outside yesterday afternoon. Kayla and I went outside to play, and naturally the boys (Rocky and Charlie) came too. Oh yeah, and TinkTink the cat did too, but once the dogs started rough-housing, she fled under the pool deck.

Rocky found this beat up lamb stuffed animal, and once Charlie saw it, all craziness broke loose. There was all manner of grunting, barking, snapping, growling, and general frivolity going on the backyard yesterday. At one point, Charlie actually wrestled the toy from Rocky and took off. Both boys did laps around the yard, chasing each other.
If you won't let me have the toy, I'll just sit on your head.

After all the running around, Charlie wanted a drink. The way he drinks out of the water bucket is a little less than conventional. He didn't think I was looking.



Mary said...

Great pictures! I love to watch my girls play around like that!
Sounds like you're enjoying your break!

s-p said...

Dogs are the best. You gotta have two. And they have to be big. :)