Friday, September 24, 2010

Thankful for the End!

I am very thankful for the end of this week. I just checked my calendar, and assuming that nothing changes, I will not have a week like the one I just had (you know, filled with exams) until finals week. That's a given though.

In spite of the hellish awakening to my most likely poor performance on my paleobiology exam, I feel pretty good about this week. It was hard because I needed to study but I also didn't want to! There was just so much material for all 3 exams. Now I can focus more on my chemistry exam on Thursday, which looks like it will be tons of fun.

There were a few missed opportunities for some things, but I have a feeling they will be presented again. And hopefully, I will take notice of and act on those opportunities. This week I was able to watch some of my favorite TV show premieres and still see my friends and study. I know I should have done more studying, but I can't change the past!

For the rest of today and this weekend, I plan on chilling. I do have work, homework and domestic, to accomplish. Like doing laundry...which I haven't done in almost 2 weeks. And grocery shopping. College kids got to eat. I might try to slip in some blogging too.

I'm just so excited that I am done with 3 exams!
And seeing my best friend Katie Ann (whom I haven't seen much of even though we live a block away)!
And running into people I know!
And for an awesome, thoughtful sister who was able to get my favorite local artist's autograph!
And for the weekend!
And for barn chores and hanging out with horses!
And for a clean room! Like legit clean, not just things put away...but dusted, Cloroxed, and vacuumed.

I'm excited for many more things, but I'm directing my excitement to a foreseeable nap.

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