Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Study! Study! Study!

I have been hiding in my dorm room for a while now, and I will still be under a rock until next Wednesday. I have 4 exams coming up, starting this Friday and ending with the 4th one next Wednesday. I have my 5th exam (chemistry) on September 30th, but I get a short break of just regular class days before that one. Last year I never had all of my classes' exams in the same week-ish. This semester my professors just all thought that the 6th week of classes was an excellent time for our first exams, I guess. Jerks.

I have all of these, what I think anyway, fun ideas/things to post about, but I just don't really have too much time to write them down. And I just received a few more responsibilities, but those will be over within this week too.

This is what my test is over Friday. My paleobiology fossils exam consists of being able to identify 25 fossils/critters from the following notes. I never thought my handwriting could be so small, but I didn't want to type them up, and I like professor's organization better than my crappy notes.

Now do you see why I'm bordering on insanity. Also, if you don't make at least a 70 on it, you have to retake it until you do. The fact that students have taken this multiple times makes me oh so excited about taking it. If you never pass the exam, you basically fail the entire class. Or was it just lab? No se. The only other memorization I have left is to finish memorizing a sheet of Native American tribes and their original geographical know, before the white man forced them off their lands.

I also am faced with the decision, if given the opportunity, on whether or not I should go to the UT vs. Florida game this Saturday. It's the biggest team rivalry that I've ever grown up with. Now that I'm a student at UT, I should probably go to the game, but I have an awful lot of studying to do! Decisions, decisions. I'm sure I would enjoy myself, even though the possibility of our football team getting slaughtered by the Gators is very likely. I had the wonderful chance to go to the UT vs. Oregon game and watch it from the sidelines last Saturday. I got to see the media/sports reporting/journalism side of football, and that is almost exciting as the actual football game.

So there's my sort of pointless post of the week. If I'm being honest with you all, I was just looking for an excuse to show off my paleo fossils notes.

Now I'm going to do something responsible. Like lunch.


Josh said...

You should go to the Florida game.

Mary said...

Definitely go to the game! It could be a good one (hope so, anyway!)!!