Saturday, August 21, 2010

Year Two

Last Saturday I moved into my dorm. This Saturday, I sit here freezing in my icebox of a room (which I love, of course) after a nice day at the barn. Classes started this past Wednesday. I've already been rained on practically each day since I've been here. I was caught outside one afternoon without a rain jacket. That was awesome and not awesome all at the same time.

Of the many many things that I am thankful for about the start of this new school year, I think right now this is number one:
Get it? I live on the SECOND FLOOR. I'm so happy. I hate elevators. I love being able to take the stairs. Now I know that when I lived on the 5th floor last year that I could just as easily used the stairs...but after walking from one side of campus, the elevator was a lot faster and a little less wind-inducing.

I'm thankful for God giving humankind the ideas, the creativity, the tools, and the resources that we then used to create wonderful things. Sending us to the moon, crazy accurate machines used in major surgeries, highways that connect people, and STAIRS.

As I suspected, my class load will be very difficult, but most of them are very interesting. I look forward to the knowledge that lays ahead, but I'm also terrified of the difficulty. I did drop my Medieval Studies class (which I will take in a different semester) so that I could take a Communications and Information class. I'm taking CCI 150 because it is a prerequisite for another communications class, which is also a prerequisite for basically everything else in the college of communications.

I like to keep all of my options open. In the event that geology doesn't work out, I've also considered being a communication studies major. We'll see. I've also entertained the idea of double majoring. Ha!

So here's to a new school year. Buena suerte!


s-p said...

If you major in communications, do you have to double major so you have something worthwhile to communicate when you are done? :)

Ashley Siferd said...

Exactly! I will be able to tell the world about minerals and tectonic processes ;)

FOCUS UNSW said...

All the best for your second year! I hope you do well.

I'm a 3rd year student studying Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW and taking a Minerals Processing subject this semester.

FOCUS UNSW said...

Nice new photo, by the way...

Ashley Siferd said...

Thank you! And best of luck to your 3rd year as well.