Sunday, August 15, 2010

Different Things

I like a lot of things that would be considered mainstream. Things that I would assume that others of my age would call normal, typical, standard issue. Across the spectrum, I have clothes, music, movies, and the like in common with my friends and most people my age.

This is just a generalization, but I believe that in comparison to a good portion of people my age, I enjoy many things that are way different.

For instance, I love war films. I don't harbor a taste for suffering or violence, but there is something about films like Black Hawk Down, Behind Enemy Lines, We Were Soldiers, Flyboys, and Tears of the Sun that fascinate me. Maybe it is glimpsing a reality that I may never see for myself. Maybe it is understanding the mentality of men who fight.

Another area where I tend to differ more is music. I generally like a little bit of everything, but I really really love classical, orchestra/symphonies, and film scores. It's almost ridiculous how much I do, but then again, I don't care! In my iTunes library, I have more songs composed by Hans Zimmer than any other artist. A few bands are just shy of the title of "Most Songs by Us" in my library, but Hans takes the prize. In my "Soundtracks" playlist, I have 338 songs, but that also includes my classical pieces (Tchaikovsky has the most). Currently, I have 19 film scores, but that number is growing!

I recently bought the Black Hawk Down score, and oh my goodness it is wonderful and awesome and excellent and moving. If you have your speakers on mute, please turn them on to listen to two of the songs from the score, which are in the music player above. If you get to this post after I change the music for a different post, here are 2 Youtube videos of the same songs: "Barra Barra" by Rachid Taha and "Gortoz A Ran" by Denez Prigent and Lisa Gerrard.

I wouldn't say that some of my favorite films and music artists are 100% unique, but my DVD library and iTunes library don't often have much in common with others that I have met.


Mary said...

Living in a house with 4 boys (counting the husband!), I have to watch a lot of war movies. I do enjoy them, though!
Hope you didn't hit any snags moving back to school!

s-p said...

I'm very eclectic in my musical tastes too. Hank Williams Sr., Big Band, classical, bluegrass, world, blues, new age... I wish I had the time to explore more. These are awesome you posted.