Thursday, July 1, 2010

Watch Your Eyes!

You have to watch yourself around my house, especially your eyes. Wear protective eye covering. Like those goofy plastic goggles for chemistry lab!

If you don't, you could end up like my eye.

I politely asked Squeak to share the pillow with Tinker. I then tried to scoot Squeak forward on the pillow a little bit so that Tinker could sleep on the bed too. The cats have shared the pillow before, so this was not a big earth-shattering request.

But, apparently it was. The first sign of danger was that she meowed after I tried to move her a little bit. Squeak NEVER (okay, hardly ever) meows. She squeaks, hence the clever namesake.

I told her, "Alright alright, you don't have to share tonight Squeakaz." I gave her a quick pat, and then AKJDKHTKEK AKSDRHJEH DKSJIKTHI!!!!!

She scratched my eye! I grabbed my eye, fearing that my eyeball would form a puddle in my hand. Angrily, I scruffed Squeak and sort of threw her off my bed as I stumbled to the bathroom. Meanwhile the other cat and the dogs were running in between my legs because "Oooohhh somebody did something....somebody's in trouble!"

I was afraid of uncovering my eye because I wasn't sure what the damage looked like. When I did, the blood trickled down. Then I was afraid to open my eye and actually had a hard time doing so. I managed to assess the damage, and nothing was wrong with my actual eye. However, my eyelid was red, swollen, and bloody. (Sorry about the less than stellar photography. I'm not very great at self-portraits of cat-induced injuries).

I walked downstairs to show my Dad, and I futilely and sarcastically asked him if I could put a bandaid on the scratch. Haha, no. We doctored it, and then I went to bed. For the next week-ish, I had a semi-bruised eye. It was a nice shade of red, then purple, then yellow-y flesh color. Mom told me it looked like I had tried putting eye shadow on. I don't even wear makeup.

That was a few weeks ago. My eye/eyelid/that region, is back to normal color and size, but it still smarts if I accidentally touch/rub the scar. I did forgive Squeak the next day. The funny thing is, the first friend I told about my horrific incident of terror replied that the incident was one more reason for him to not own a cat.

The next reason that you should cover your eyes in my house happens on a daily basis. I just never have the camera around when little Charlie is sleeping to catch him in the act.

Could he be charged with public indecency? I doubt it. Though it is a little racy if you're a canine...Tee hee! It is very hard being a puppy, you see.


s-p said...

Yikes... its a good thing it was your eyelid. I had a speck of metal stuck in my eye once and it was the worst pain I've ever felt (and I have a high tolerance for pain...). And yes, dogs are shameless Ho's.

Ashley Siferd said...

Blegh...I had a nightmare the other night that a piece of cat claw was in my eye. I can't imagine a piece of metal! Yes, my dogs are very shameless.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I love the pictures of your racy canine. Sorry about your eye - glad it was only your eyelid. I have had five corneal abrasions, and they HURT, as well as leave your eye slightly damaged for always.

Happy Fourth!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

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