Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Love Horses

I realized that I haven't talked about horses in a very long time, and that my friends, means that you are overdue for some equine love!

I usually work on the Saturday afternoon/evening shift at the barn, but because this morning's shift was light-handed, I volunteered to help them. I finally remembered to bring my camera to the barn with me.

I was able to capture some camera hams before it rained. On a side note, I left my windows rolled down. I remembered to put them up before the rain got too bad. I never ran faster in my life until that sudden realization that my car could be flooded from the deluge hit me.

Moving on from my almost horrific incident of terror. I love horses, a lot. If I had the money and the land to bring a few of them from Horse Haven with me, I would in a heart beat. Problem is, horses are expensive pets/members of the family. Big boys gotta eat!, among other related expenses.

Maybe one day I will have my own barn, but for now I'm perfectly happy with taking care of the boys and girls who come to Horse Haven.

This is Hutch and Huggy Bear (left to right). If you didn't know them, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

I had a hard time one day when I arrived to the barn to find the boys together in the field. Which is which? Not that you all care, but if you look on Huggy's neck you can see where a patch of his hair was shaved when he had surgery. Hutch has a thing in his ear (a sarcoid). These two crack me up and make me smile. Every time I drive up, they run around and kick and trot fancifully (and expectantly) to the gate.

A few weekends ago, some of the horses needed pictures for the website. I tried to stay out of some of them, but that didn't happen when all Eeyore and Perry wanted to do was check my pockets for treats and be loved basically not stand still.



What do you think of my outfit? Keep in mind that it is like a MILLION degrees outside plus astronomical humidity levels.


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Huck and Huggy do look alike. Are they brothers? (BTW, I am having an unpleasant time typing in the word verification given me for your blog; the combination of letters, meaningless in English, is a very obscene word in Russian!!)

Ashley Siferd said...

We don't think so, although one person has suggested that Huggy is Hutch's dad. When they both came to us from the same place, Huggy was still a stallion, and he is much older than Hutch.

Lol and I'm sorry about the word! If I could change it, I would. :)