Thursday, May 6, 2010

Natalie Dee Thursday: Vatican Garage Sale

Thank goodness for Natalie Dee Thursday. It's a nice break between finals, studying for more finals, and packing.

This one, I believe, is quite hilarious. It's called Vatican Garage Sale.

Natalie Dee 3-27-07
Now if the Vatican really had a garage sale, I hope that they would consider selling some of their famous pieces of art. Although, a mitre would be fun to wear around campus...

As always, check out more Natalie Dee comics at her website. Until next time friends!


s-p said...

LOL! Gives me some ideas for some new Orthographs. :)

FOCUS UNSW said...

It's dangerous giving Steve new ideas:)

Congratulations on finishing your first year (we don't use the term 'freshmen' in Australia)! All the best with the rest of your studies!

I'm myself am a 3rd year Materials Science student at UNSW, Sydney.


Ashley Siferd said...

Whoops! lol well I look forward to your Natalie Dee Vatican Garage Sale inspired orthographs :)

Thanks Pandelis! One of my friends will be studying abroad in Australia this summer. I'd love to visit someday. All the best with the rest of your studies as well!