Monday, May 3, 2010

I Can See the Finish Line

As I walked away from my last class of my freshman year on Friday, bells started ringing off in the distance. Poetic, I thought. And I don't recall bells ever going off when I left class on Fridays.

The earth didn't shake or fall out of orbit. The sun stayed where it was in the sky. My dress didn't fly up with the sudden gust of wind. I finished my freshman year, mostly.

My freshman year of college flew by. I barely remember and yet I clearly remember the day I moved in and my first day of class. Now all that is left to do is study for my exams, take them, and move out.

When people ask me how school is going, I tell them, I want it to be over now and I want summer break! However, my summer break will just be more school! I'll be taking 7 hours: an intensive chemistry course and an introductory anthropology class. What's wrong with me? I have yet to determine my malady.

In the end, I love college. I like learning new things. Class and campus life had its ups but also its downs. Then again, everything in life does. If that didn't happen, I would be concerned.

To cap my year, I won this:

My best friend came along with me. You can tell a friend is a true friend, among many things but in particular when she will go with you to something that she doesn't have a boring awards ceremony that lasted one hour and 20 minutes.

My award was also money in the bank. Hopefully, if I stick with Geology, I will continue to be a good student. The smarter you are...the more money you get. What a novel idea.

Back to studying, which is the bane of my existence. Right now all I want to do is take naps and eat food, not read books and do math problems and conjugate verbs in Spanish.

I can see the finish line that is my freshman year. Whoo-hoo finals!

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Mary said...

Congrats on your award and on finishing your first year! I went to school most summers; I think there was only 1 when I didn't go. I loved it!