Friday, May 14, 2010

Houston, I Have A Problem

You know that timeless human belief that we are in control of everything? Well, in case you did not already know, that is a fallacy!

Being in control is a false and mistaken idea.

I was mostly cognizant of this, but it didn't really hit me until Wednesday afternoon when I had to take both of the dogs to the vet.

In the past, I had taken both Rocky and Duke (may your memory be eternal) to the vet at the same time. That was no big deal because both boys were leash trained. It didn't take much to get them back in line if they ever got out of line. Duke was also very good at being an exemplary role model for younger Rocky.

Now, however, Rocky is the big brother and the role model. He has assumed that role with mostly flying colors. Charlie is ever the puppy and the follower is always up someone's behind. He's just so darn adorable that you can't help but stay mad at him for only 2 seconds.

I'm getting ahead of myself. My youngest sister, Kayla, was home with me. At 5, she was my designated helper. I knew right away that the trip was going to be fun when poorly leash trained Charlie tried pulling out of his collar in the driveway! We hadn't even made it to the car.

Kayla and Rocky hopped in the backseat, and Charlie was tossed/shoved into the backseat. Off we went, and thinking of the loose canine cargo, I took the least curvy topsy turvy roads. We finally arrived at the office, and that's when the real fun began. I didn't want to take the chance of Charlie not behaving so close to a major highway. So I picked up the 22 pound ball of fur in my right arm and grabbed Rocky's leash with my left hand, all the while making sure my sister didn't get left behind in the melee.

Kayla didn't want to hold the dogs leashes anyway, and she could barely open the heavy glass doors. The lady that had arrived at the same time as us must have been terrified of large dogs because she avoided coming near us at all costs (Rocky isn't really that big anyway), or she must not have been in a very helpful mood because she didn't help us! Once safely inside, Charlie was allowed to meander within the confines of the vet's office on his short leash. Kayla took Rocky to the little waiting area, but Charlie couldn't bare to be separated for one minute from his big brother. So the receptionist had to talk loudly across the room to explain some things.

Meanwhile, Rocky had hopped up on the people/dog waiting bench right next to that unhelpful lady. He was practically laying on her. He had no ill will towards her but was looking for some kind of comfort. She was not. It was incredibly amusing, but I told him to get down. Rocky hates going to the vet anyway, but he was especially on edge doing the "I hate being here dance" and rightfully so. The last time he was in a vet's office, we had put Duke down with Rocky there.

Charlie on the other hand, was doing the "I have never been here before and it's kind of exciting!!!" dance. Between the boys and my sister, I thought I was going to lose my mind. Actually, I was just hoping to make it through the afternoon.

Their checkups and shots went well. With the 52 and 22 pound canine babies in tow, I drove back home on the curvy roads. That trip was way easier and less stressful.

Before we had even left the house, I had a feeling that this vet trip would be no big deal. They are just dogs after all and my sister can help.

I should have known straight away that the trip would not go as planned when I told myself that I had everything under control! Houston, I had a problem.

The trip was more than I anticipated. I didn't have much under my control like I had originally thought. Mission control was no help at all. Actually, I think that was the idea all along. In order to teach me something valuable, God put me out in the world by myself. I learned, because of my dogs, that I will not always be in control of everything, even the most mundane of tasks.

I am not in control, and I can't do everything by myself. It's only when I ask for help, human and Divine, when endeavors have the potential to fare better and be less of an epic fail.

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Rae said...

What great thoughts! Sometimes I really like to imagine that I am in control... but that makes reality much more painful than when I remember that there is really very little that I can control other than my response.