Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Favorite Aromas

What? You say as you read the title.

Yes. This post is about my favorite smells. It's been a very hectic, hard, full, annoying week, and I haven't had time to write anything for me or be a guest blogger for a friend. Except a speech about horse abuse. College has sunk its big, nasty, black claws into my very being, and it is pulling me every which way. Don't get me wrong. I still love college! I truly do, but it's just been super busy and I am lazy at times (not all the time, I promise...but I just want to be outside not doing homework!). That's a potent mix.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time outside the past few days/weeks. It was during a lot of these play days out on God's playground when I realized I have a lot of favorite smells. Then the other day, Jade (my friend slash roommate) and I were talking about our favorite smells.

Here are mine, and they're in no particular order...

-With no particular species in mind, the smell of flowers in bloom after winter is gone...the first signs of spring. That is a pretty rockin' aroma. The smell is especially nice when you are surrounded by concrete a lot of the time, like me. UT's campus is a beautiful one, yes. There are places to lay in the sun and find rest under a tree, but there is a lot of concrete. This flower garden right outside my dorm is one of my favorite spots to sit.

-Running water smells wonderful. Creeks especially are my favorite. I love to hike alongside a creek. With water in mind, I will also add the smell of the air right before it rains as well as rain itself. Going barefoot in the rain is fun too.

-Jade and I decided that the smell of the air before a thunderstorm smells slightly different than air before a regular rain shower. She can't explain it, nor can I, but I can smell the static, the electricity, the impending doom. It's good.

-Dirt. I love squishing my toes in dirt, in mud...just not the "mud" from the barn. There is something about dirt's aroma that makes me feel good and all punny business aside, I feel down to earth.

-I miss the smell of my dog Duke. It was very earthy, dirt, mud, clay, mountain, old man-ish, and just plain...happiness. I try to recreate it in my mind, but recreations never do the originals justice.

-Coming home from the barn and smelling like horses, hay, and feed is one of my favorites. It is probably in the top 3, if I had to designate a numeral rating to any of them...but I won't do that. We'll just ballpark it here, folks. Anyway. Specifically, I love the smell of horses when they're outside and you lean up against them and love on them, patting them and watching dust fly. There is something about the way a horse smells that makes this world a better place.

I think that is about it. I'm sure I'm forgetting some of them. Stay tuned. Knowing me, I'll probably make another list!

I love that all of my favorite aromas are natural, part of the environment. No hand of man involved here, just God.

I like that.

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Mary said...

I used to have a dog named Duke! I just love the smell of the fresh and "mountainy"!