Friday, March 12, 2010

Dogs, Love, and Friday

Once again, I am late for 7 Quick Takes Friday, courtesy of Conversion Diary. I have a feeling that this will be a once a month thing that I happen to remember to do if I log on to early enough on Friday. I'm only 19...I shouldn't have memory problems!

It was Spring Break this week for the University of Tennessee. Last Friday you could almost taste the freedom in the air. I spent a nice week at home visiting with friends and "living" at home again. Now I can taste the dread and reluctance in the air about returning to small rooms and papers.

I have a better understanding of unconditional love. Not that I didn't before, but having a puppy in my life has served as a furry, chaotic reminder of how selfless love can be. I've been home all week, babysitting a dog. Yesterday when my sister didn't get off the bus, Charlie and I jumped in the car to go look for her. Boy was he excited! However, we didn't make it out of the driveway because my sister found a ride home. Next time Charlie, next time. Anyway, when his tail wags and he attempts to jump up on the couch to sit with you, you know you are loved. If nothing else in the world shows you the power of love, just go to the pound and save a dog's life.

-3-Speaking of dogs, the two boys are slowly learning how to live with each other. Little Charlie follows Rocky around, trying to play with his big brother. Rocky doesn't really want anything to do with Charlie, and in spite of his age and substantially bigger size, Rocky runs away from Charlie. I grabbed my camera and contorted myself to capture this shot of the two of them. This is the closest they've been to each other without any barking, growling, or running away.

-4-We have some new horses at the barn. The horses seem to be coming and going at rate that has never really happened before at Horse Haven. We get some in, and then you turn around and some are gone, off to good homes. That is the end goal for all of our horses, mind you, but it is just a little weird. The above picture is of Midnight and Dolly. I love them already! They're such camera hams.

My mom decided while she was taking pictures of Charlie that she would take some of my sisters and me. I already know that I can't take a picture to save my life. In my defense though, my mom never once told me when she was taking one, so I either was talking, blinking, or chewing a spaghetti noodle. I also suffer from Squinty Eye Syndrome. It's a real problem. So I just gave up and did this...

Last night I went over to my youth minister's house to have dinner with Mel's family and watch Survivor. I know I know, you're thinking...Survivor. Lame. But it's not! I have watched almost every season since it began, and I like it. I can't help it. Anyway, we had a good time yesterday. While we watched we also played a guessing game to see who did what, etc. I won a few times and made quite a profit.

Betty White is hosting Saturday Night Live on Mother's Day. I am so excited. Enough said.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I watched the very first episode of Survivor when know one really knew what to expect. It was great and the people in it were great. I've since lost interest when it became more about who can stab who in the back and people "learned how to play the game". Reality TV in general has lost my interest because it all seems to have gotten so petty. But then, I'm a 47 year old "old fart", lol...

Ashley Siferd said...

Haha Rachel it's okay. Sometimes I wish I would lose interest so I could use that time to do something productive! I hate that reality tv has become so scripted.

And 47 isn't old!