Monday, March 8, 2010


Before I get to the Charlie part, here is a funny but stupid story from my life.

Remember a few weeks ago when Lindsay Vonn thought she might not be able to compete in the Olympics? She wasn't sure she could compete to her fullest with her "bruised right shin." I remember thinking, it is just a bruise. I have had many bruises on my legs before and was able to function. Why would skiing be a problem?

My not understanding feelings changed to slightly sympathetic feelings when I actually watched the events she was in. Holy moly did those skiers work their legs. At that point I understood why her 2010 Olympic future was hanging by a string. I guess with a bad bruise on your shin you can't twist and turn as fast as they did.

Then, last Thursday I was goofing around with a friend. He pretended that we were going to fight. I raised my right leg up to create some semblance of self defense when suddenly we both yelped and hopped away from each other, holding our own legs. As he brought his leg forward, I did too, and our shins hit really hard. Bam!

After that, my friends and I were walking back to our dorms. My other friend who was walking in front of me was walking too slow for my pace. He also presented an easy target for my favorite game...kicking a person's foot out from underneath them while they take a step. It's quite fun. Anyway, I knew after a certain point that I should have stopped, but I didn't. All of a sudden, he stopped and brought his foot back and kicked me right on the exact spot where I had the shin collision.

If you think that didn't hurt, you surely must be crazy. Because it hurt a lot. The next day in class, as I was crossing my right leg over the left, I hit the metal bar that holds the desk legs together. I managed to keep my mouth shut without so much as uttering a single swear word...out loud. The only sad part about this sordid tale is that I do not have an impressive bruise to show you. According to my best friend, that also means that I cannot whine about it. I've had near misses (siblings almost hitting me) and straight on catastrophes (putting on my barn boots without thinking that they sit on the bruised area) with my shin. Which brings me to Charlie...

Today my family brought home our new puppy, Charlie. He is 8 weeks old and has humongous paws. Charlie is a Retriever mix.

We actually picked him out on Saturday, but when we went back to the puppy room in the shelter, he was gone! A pet rescue came in while we were playing with another dog and took Charlie away. So a good portion of my mother's weekend was spent tracking down Charlie. We knew he was the dog for us, so we were all desperately hoping that we found him in time before someone else got him.

The lady who rescued him took him to a pet fair, where a lot of people were interested in him. Luckily we got in touch with her this morning before the others did. Charlie almost slipped away! She brought him to our house earlier this afternoon, and I have been in love ever since.

That goofy dog climbs all over, chews the strings from the holes in my jeans, nibbles my fingers, and chases our older dog around. He is such a ham and loves to be held and sit in your lap. We were out in the yard, and he walked all over my legs, including my triple-bruised in the same 2 inch area shin.

I can't get mad at him though with a face like this...


Anonymous said...

PUPPY!!!! Sooo cute.

I laughed...sorry...about the shin accident. Nothing like getting a nice little lesson in empathy. Been there, done that. You should remarkable self restraint when you hit it on the metal bar of your desk. I think I would have uttered the swear word under my breath or at least mouthed the word. Good for you for not doing so, lol.

Moo! said...

We had a Retriever-Shepherd mix and she was the most awesome dog I think we've ever had (although Carlos our Akita-Lab-something mix is a VERY close second now). Charlie looks really cool! Shin injuries?... oh yeah. If you've never had one, don't go looking for the experience.

Ashley Siferd said...

Rachel, it's okay to laugh. I laugh every time I think about the ridiculousness of the shin bruises. While I didn't utter a word, I did make some sort of guttural, gasping sound. Luckily no one noticed!

Moo, trust me, I won't go looking for shin trouble anymore. My family is very fond of mutts and mixed breed animals, so naturally Charlie as a retriever-shepherd mix fits right in!

Anonymous said...

:( I might steal Charlie :) HE'S SO CUTTEEEE. So where do you live Ashley? lol. I am entertaining myself in my pointless geography class by reading your blog :D whoo. Much more worth my time than this class :)

Ashley Siferd said...

Haha! I live about a mile from our lovely little high school ;)

but don't try and steal him! I'll be so sad.

I had a geography class last semester that sounds an awful lot like yours...pointless!