Friday, February 26, 2010

Songs to Share #2

Happy Friday! I'm so glad this week is coming to a close. I just want this week to be over and to be able to sleep in tomorrow. I wish I could say that I have no homework over the weekend, but I have to: write a speech about plate tectonic boundaries (which is fun for me, actually), study for a geology lab midterm, study for a geology lecture midterm, and finish my observations of the vampire text I have chosen to write about for English class.

I finally remembered to do my 7 Quick Takes, which is a cool little thing hosted by Here is my first for the month of February. It is related to the last one I did in January, so if you want to listen to the songs I chose then, click here. I actually wanted to do this last Friday, but never finished it on time.

Since I am incredibly lazy today, I am going to regurgitate what I wrote the last time:

One of my favorite things about movies is the music. I probably listen to movie scores more than any other genre of music. Ask my sister or my friends, and they will probably tell you that they have jumped in my car only to hear strings and woodwinds playing instead of rock bands or whatever is on the radio. If my friend Katie Ann gets in the car, I pull whichever movie score was in the player and swap it out for something we can sing along to. She prefers words and singing along, and I like people to be happy. It's not that I don't enjoy singing or rock bands, etc. I simply have more fun listening to movie scores and instrumental/orchestral type things.

Remember, this was no easy task choosing just 7 songs. They are in no particular order either, but I can watch all of the movies over and over without ever tiring of them. :)

"Guardians at the Gate" by Audiomachine. This is trailer music for and not actually in the movie Avatar

"Returns A King" composed by Tyler Bates, from 300

"Optimus vs. Megatron" composed by Steve Jablonsky, from Transformers

"A Postcard to Henry Purcell" composed by Dario Marianelli, from Pride & Prejudice

"Jack Sparrow" composed by Hans Zimmer, from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

"National Treasure Suite" composed by Trevor Rabin, from National Treasure

"Eptesicus" composed by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard, from Batman Begins

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s-p said...

I loved the opening piece to "The Book of Eli". The cello is haunting.