Monday, February 1, 2010

One Small Step...

The recent "storm of the century" in the East Tennessee area was less than what most people had expected it to be. The snow/ice/slush that froze over made the roads bad enough to where I did not go to the barn for chores or even go home for Mass this weekend.

This morning I logged onto the Internet hoping that my email would be chock-full of announcements saying CLASSES CANCELED. However, the powers that be in the university decided that it was okay enough to have class. Sure, the roads were fine for professors and commuting students to come in, but once you leave your car or the dorm, you actually have to walk around.

This, my friends, was no easy task. Ever since Saturday afternoon (that was when I finally ventured out of my room...for food no less), walking has been a challenge around campus. I have almost busted my butt or face several times now. I find myself and others muttering very inappropriate things as we almost succeed in sliding/falling to our deaths...or at least the embarrassment would be just like death.

Each step is precious. Oh how I had forgotten that! I am reminded of that Apollo mission quote, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Well that is not true in this instance. Every step could be your last. Each step taken is a potential ticket for a one way trip to meet the icy ground. Walking around seems to me to be like preparing myself for a nerdy martyrdom.

I could claim that I don't want to walk to class, but being the nerd and good little student that I am, I cannot skip class. I want Spring to be here now!

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Fr. Christian Mathis said...

I like to call it a snowpocalypse!