Saturday, February 20, 2010

For the Love Of...

For the love of...mud! Check out my hidden foot. I am extremely glad that I invested in a pair of cheap muck boots.

Actually, I trek through this for the love of horses.

This is a close-up of Wild Fire. Remember him? If not, check out his first mention here and here. He is 8 months old now and has manners! Wild Fire is such a sweet boy, except for that time he stepped on me while "elbowing" me into the mud so he wouldn't have to step in it.

This is Albert. For a while his name was Runt, but the shift leaders decided that he was more intelligent and awesome than his name suggested. Someone suggested Einstein as name change. I thought Albert was more fun...and easier to spell for some folks! He is around 6 months old and is the nicest little guy ever. He's a ham too.

This is Treo. He's like a little dog, following me around when I walked around the field. I brought him inside earlier, but he didn't want to walk through the mud. We played tug-o-war. He let me win when I found a less mushy and less quicksand-like path.

As much as I dislike the messiness and potential to lose a boot with each step, I enjoy that squishy noise. I just hope it dries out! This was the first weekend that I came to the barn when it was nice (and light enough) outside to bring my camera along. I like to think of this wonderful weather as God giving us a raise, literally.

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