Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow, Movies, and NPH

Well folks, it snowed here in the valley. Why is that so significant? It is only "news-worthy" because it actually stuck to the ground and created hazardous road conditions, not to mention that people freak out. That's why!

Snow here is practically a state of emergency for some people. One day my mom and I went grocery shopping because we had to have food because our cupboards were bare. We also needed bread, but so did everyone else in Lenoir City. The expected snow fall sent everyone running for bread, milk, cigarettes, and gasoline. Guess what? That expected snow fall never happened. After living in Idaho and Iceland for a number of years, my family just laughs when snow is predicted for Tennessee.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the movies with a friend, to see Avatar in IMAX 3D again. That was awesome! Even better the second time around! If you haven't seen it yet, I hope you get a chance to see it in theaters. Maybe not in IMAX but at least see it on the big screen. James Cameron did a good job. A very good job. Sometimes I find myself wishing that Pandora and the Na'vi people were real...just like I want Harry Potter's magical world to be real too. I never did get my letter to Hogwarts.

At 2 in the afternoon after all the schools let out early (and after I rounded up my sisters and dropped them off at home), the roads weren't bad on the way to our meeting point. After the movie at 7 in the evening, the roads were considerably different but not all that bad. The four miles from church to my house weren't bad, but later at night I heard from people who said their normal 15-20 minute commute home from work took from 1 to 3 hours. Crazy stuff!

Today is NPH week at Blessed is the Kingdom. You should go over there and visit if you haven't already. I'm up today with a guest post. You can read "NPH Expectations" here.


s-p said...

I usually only see 2-3 movies a year. But I'd like to see Avatar again in 3-D Imax. Since I saw it for the first time in 2009, that will count against 2010's quota. :)

Ashley Siferd said...

Go Steve go! See it again :)

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I concur. Avatar is a great movie. My husband and I saw it in 3D, but not in Imax. Maybe we will try to scout out the Imax versino.