Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sabbath Sunday: Fear and Faith

I've decided to stop numbering my Sabbath Sunday posts, so don't freak out! I did not forget how to count; I'm just doing something different.

This Sunday's post is from this past June. That particular Sunday's Gospel passage really spoke to me, and now I find it speaking to me again. Although this time, it isn't about big changes like beginning college. This time I am sort of freaking out about getting my wisdom teeth removed. Tomorrow I go to the oral surgeon! Yaaaaaaaay.

I'm not terrified of the surgery itself, I promise (okay, just a little). It is just the IV that I have to have for anesthesia that frightens me. I'm a fraidy-cat and absolutely abhor needles.

Pray for me! Hopefully I can post again soon before the New Year. Until then, read "Fear and Faith" here.

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