Friday, December 4, 2009

Marine Mammals and Finals

Indy waiting for more ice cubes

I've had a super busy week. Classes were officially over on Tuesday. Hooray! Posting will be light for at least one more week. I have 3 more pages to write for my final paper and 4 finals to study for. I get distracted very easily which is why it takes me forever to write papers. I am going to have soooo much fun. Not.

Anyway, I never told you about my awesome little adventure over the Thanksgiving holiday. My family and I went up to Indiana to visit my Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave. Every time we go and visit them, we always stop by the Indianapolis Zoo where my aunt works. It's a tradition in my family, albeit an atypical one especially because it's always freezing when we come up to visit. Who wants to walk around outside in 40 degree weather? We do.

My aunt is a Marine Mammal Senior Trainer. That is quite the title, don't you think? She works with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, Pacific walruses, polar bears, harbor seals, California sea lions, and gray seals. How awesome is that? VERY AWESOME.

I think it is one of the coolest professions on the planet. Some days I find myself wanting to be like Aunt Jenny. So since she works for the zoo, we get to go behind the scenes. It is always fun every time I go. I've been 4 times for sure, and it never gets boring! One time we were able to go and visit the elephants and see the new baby.

On this trip, we got to do a dolphin pet and some behaviors with Nova. My youngest sister, Kayla, has unofficially adopted Nova as "her dolphin" so we always play with Nova. She was being a little stinker, but she gave us high-fives and kisses and eventually she did the behaviors that we asked of her, like spinning in a circle, waving, and some sort of dolphin version of an acrobatic-gymnastic maneuver.

Then we went and visited the walruses Aurora and Nereus. I remember the first time I met Nereus when he was a little baby in 2004. It was also my first trip to the zoo and going behind the scenes. He's such a big boy now and he's not even full grown! He's such a little stinker, but you have to love him. Since the walruses had already been fed, we just visited with them.

Aurora (left) and Nereus

My Aunt Jen is the coolest. Period.

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s-p said...

I think Moo needs a walrus for a friend!! I LOVE those guys!