Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chill Time

The lack of posts this week was due to the fact that I had a final every day and a paper due as well. I was finished with school and unpacked by bedtime Wednesday night. Then I sort of took a few more days of "chill time" and only checked email and Facebook. Hopefully I can get back into the blogging swing of things and give you some new posts next week.

Today I went to the barn for Adoption Day. It has been a little crazy for Horse Haven these past few weeks. A recent case out of Cannon County, TN involving 84 neglected horses has had the barn and our volunteers being super busy. We are now taking care of 16 of those 84, and they arrived this past Wednesday. Today I was able to go meet them. They are all so loving, some are a little goofy, some are stubborn as all get out, and a few are incredibly shy. We probably have 3 stallions but because they are emaciated it is a little difficult to tell. We also have a new momma and baby.

I don't have pictures of them because it was simply too cold to take their blankets off this morning/afternoon. Hopefully in a few days it will warm up enough. Did I mention it was cold? It was freezing outside! I had 2 shirts, 2 jackets, long johns, jeans, and Smartwool socks on...and I was still chilled to the bone!

This past week it is safe to say that I had a lot of chill time...literally. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Below are Beatrice and Skylar. This pair, mom and not-so-young baby, have been with HHT for a few weeks. I finally was able to take pictures of them. Skylar has the most gorgeous blue eyes.


Fr. Christian Mathis said...

No pictures of Eve?

Ashley Siferd said...

No! lol Eve was actually an Adam...well Earl to be specific.