Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Angels With Hooves

This little guy is Rudolph. He's a real gentleman, and he hammed it up for the camera.

This is Esperanza, which means hope in Spanish. I think it's an appropriate name given her circumstances! She is incredibly shy and spooks at practically everything.

Yes...it is another post about horses! In the last post, I told you about the arrival of Horse Haven's newest residents. Of the 84 neglected animals from Cannon County, Tennessee, HHT is now taking care of 15 horses and one mule.

I can't even begin to imagine how people can treat another leaving creature with such disdain. These guys and gals are emaciated, covered in rainrot, and some are a little people-shy. Their owners never took the time to feed them or love them. They were just something to have, like a yard decoration or knick-knack on the living room shelf.

To me, they are much more than those things. Every time I meet a new horse, with its own colorful story to tell, I am amazed. I think God sends us angels in many forms, and for me in particular, some angels come in horse form. They are constantly teaching me about life, even though they cannot speak. Surprisingly, they help keep me sane. I enjoy driving all the way out to the barn just to be with them.

Sure, sometimes one of the horses will drive me nuts because he doesn't want to come inside when he is supposed to. Some of them are little stinkers and nip and spill their feed on the ground. In spite of their silly behaviors, I think deep down, they know that they have been saved. Saved from a life not worth living. Saved from a slow and painful death.

I can't upload that many pictures. So here is just a sampling of my angels with hooves. I went out to the barn on Monday to help weigh, measure, and photograph the horses for our records. It was a lot of fun, and I know you're thinking...how could that possibly be fun? Just take my word for it, it was.

This is Shane. He is my shift's responsibility. As soon as I snapped the picture he closed his eyes! He is so sweet.

This is Cayenne. I affectionately call her the Mullet Lady because she has a horse mullet. Unfortunately, part of her mane had to be shaved because it was so matted.

This is Titus. He is such a nice guy. For the same reasons as the mare above, he had to have his mane shaved and part of his tail cut off.

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s-p said...

If I could afford to live on the wages I'd love to work at an animal shelter. It is sad that people neglect pets they probably once loved like this.