Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sabbath Sunday #1

My friend and fellow blogger Fr. Christian Mathis over at Blessed is the Kingdom has come up with a wonderful idea. It is a way to help those of us in the blogging sphere to more fully celebrate the Sabbath Sunday.

By choosing not to work on a new post and instead linking to an old favorite that deserves a second run through, I am freed from the pressure to write a new post. I don't get mail saying "Ashley write a new post NOW" but sometimes I just feel this inherent need to write one all the time, but I know that I can't force something to come out of my head if it isn't there or ready to begin with in the first place.

So here is my first Sabbath Sunday post: Prayers Close to the Heart. It's about a gift from a friend that helps me remember to say my prayers. I chose this particular post because it is still very much relevant to me. It was also in the first month of my blog so not many (I assume) have ventured that far back in the archives.

Enjoy your lovely Sunday!

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