Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arrival to Netherfield

Today has been a very good day. It was filled with much laughter, happiness, silly things, good food, and great friends.

Increasingly I find myself becoming inexorably happy with the tiniest little thing. And I like that feeling. In spite of the crazy world that we live in, happiness abounds. Some days you have to work to find it, and other days it is a constant flowing entity, enveloping you in its warmth.

I'm not sure what lingo to use because my day is not yet over for me. At least the 4th of November is but I am still awake in the wee hours of November 5th. So this day, loosely using the word day, is still moving at a sluggish pace now as I try to write this all out before my head hits the keyboard.

Some new-found friends and I stayed up to celebrate my best friend's birthday. At midnight she finally turned 19! How did a bunch of college kids spend the evening? Well, we watched a part of the movie Luther and had a discussion (in lieu of the usual Wednesday Bible study), followed by evening prayer, then we just sort of chilled in the chapel at the Tyson House (the home of Episcopal-Lutheran ministry on campus).

The best part was just learning more about these new friends of mine and sharing stories with them, lying in the pews or on the floor. The two guys played the piano while the three of us girls listened and talked. As I was walking back to my dorm, I kept hearing this particular song from one of my favorite movies, Pride and Prejudice.

"Arrival to Netherfield" has essentially summed up my day, and that's when I realized my state of inexorable happiness. God is good. God is great! How can you doubt the existence of such a wonderful Creator? I know that there are plenty of reasons that people have, but I can't find one today. I actually haven't been able to find one for a long time. It makes me feel good, maybe I'm finally doing something right.

He has led me to beautiful places and introduced me to beautiful people that have truly brightened and enriched my life. For that, I am more thankful than mere words could ever say.

I'm going to go all cheesy on you and coin my new favorite phrase. "It's been one of those Arrival to Netherfield days." I hope you have one too. Maybe you'll have a shorter name.

Happy Birthday Katie Ann!


s-p said...

What wonderful times to cherish. Thanks for sharing them.

Ashley Siferd said...

No problem. I really enjoy sharing!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

It is indeed the little things that bring the greatest joy to life. It is good that you have found it out while you still have a whole life to take advantage of that knowledge! Netherfield, huh?

(BTW, I added a permanent index of Blest Guest posts on my sidebar -- as a way of saying thank you.)