Friday, October 2, 2009

Earthquakes, A Bishop, and Fall

Today has been a pretty good week! Here are my 7 Quick Takes...take 2:

1) My Spanish teacher said she enjoyed talking to me. I can't say the same for the rest of my classmates...oh well! Why was that a highlight? Well, it just was. It always makes me feel good when you learn that you are appreciated and that your opinions matter.

2) The past few days we have been studying earthquakes in my Geology 101 class. I especially enjoy volcanoes, but earthquakes are pretty cool. The study of the earth and rocks and minerals may sound incredibly boring to you, but I've always had an undefinable interest in the ground beneath my feet. One of the many reasons that I like college is that I have the opportunity to explore various paths of interests.

3) One cast member on this season of Survivor that I wanted gone was voted out last night. Success! Now there is only one more guy to go and then I can watch the show without throwing up a little every time I hear him talk.

4) Bishop Stika came to the Catholic Students Association meeting on Wednesday. It was "Ask the Bishop" night. There were silly and serious questions and silly and serious answers. In the few times that I have met him, but more so this past week, I have learned that he is a really awesome guy. I'm glad the Pope (and God, of course!) sent him to the tiny little Diocese of Knoxville.

5) My favorite season seems to be in full swing. The past week (excluding today because it is raining) has been absolutely gorgeous outside. I even did math homework sitting at a picnic table. Cool breezes, nice temperatures, and a sunny sky all make for a happy me.

6) I missed Compline last night, so I improvised instead. I made up my own little evening prayer service. I read some Scripture, said a rosary, and well...prayed. It was quite nice, and it also made me feel good that I can do stuff like that on my own. While I enjoy prayer with others, it is also nice to be able to take a few minutes of solitude and spend it alone with God.

7) I don't have to work today! In fact, I quit my job yesterday. More to come about that in the next post.

Have a great weekend!

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