Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Knock Knock...

I pose to you, readers, the biggest question of all time. At least, to me anyway...

Does God laugh at knock knock jokes? Do you think He finds them funny?

I do. Maybe it's because I find most every joke funny, even the really lame ones. I feel that if you give it your best effort, you deserve a little laugh. So...

-Knock knock.

-Who's there?


-Dishes who?

wait for it, wait for it...

-Dishes one bad joke.

Haha! Get it? I love it. This is what I am doing with time that should be spent writing an English paper and a Spanish composition...blogging, telling knock knock jokes, and listening to the same mixed CD over and over again.

I also realized that I have not shown you the updated dorm room pictures. So here they are, posters, Marvel heroes calendar, family/friend photos, and all. I'm still holding out for some really awesome posters to go over my bed, but I'll just have to live with white space until my birthday in November. I think I can make it.

1 comment:

s-p said...

Cool room! I love the posters.
Does God have a sense of humor? Wellll...He created the platypus.